At Cooper Regel, the needs of our northern clients aren’t just part of our practice — they ARE our practice.

We maintain a fully staffed office in Yellowknife and serve northern communities across the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, visiting communities all over the north. Steven Cooper and Alan Regel are known across the north for their years of work with northern communities, culture, and businesses.

Steve grew up in the NWT and Nunavut and has been a member of the NWT Bar for 26 years.

He spent nearly a decade working in Hay River primarily in the areas of civil, criminal, administrative, and municipal law. For several decades, Steve has represented plaintiffs in actions against the City of Yellowknife, the Town of Hay River and other municipal bodies in the NWT, Nunavut and Alberta in complex litigation. Steve is a long-serving member of various NWT committees and boards, including Chair of the Legal Services Board of the NWT, the South Slave Divisional Board of Education, Nunavut Law Society committees (membership, discipline), NWT Law Society committees (membership, ethics, editorial board).

Through his professional and administrative roles, as well as his interpersonal relationships, Steve has developed an extensive knowledge of government, administration and law in the NWT.

Alan began his career in private practice in Yellowknife specializing in the areas of civil and criminal litigation. He subsequently joined Justice Canada’s Yellowknife Regional Office as a criminal prosecutor. He was later appointed Civil Group Head for Justice Canada in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut where he worked on civil litigation, wildlife, regulatory and environmental prosecutions, environmental screenings, and several high profile criminal cases.

Together Steve and Alan have spent over 40 years living and working in northern communities, fostering relationships and gaining a unique understanding of the social, practical and political needs of their clients.